Nepal 2018

It was one of the most difficult holidays to go on. Not because of amount or complexity of planning involved. Not even because of required fitness level and getting physically ready for it. No, none of that.


It was one of the most difficult holidays to go on just because it required us to be able to take 4 weeks off our jobs. At the same time. That's why it took us almost 8 years from the moment we first started thinking about it till the day we arrived at Paris-CDG airport finally ready to leave for Nepal and Himalayas.

3 Passes of Everest Trek

The itinerary planned before obviously got slightly revised during the trip, especially its trekking part, and we ended up doing what essentially was 2 passes trek extended with Island Peak climb and night at Everest Base Camp.

Yes, as you have probably noticed we did not go over the Renjo La Pass, which makes our trek "2 passes" only.

Kathmandu Valley

After getting back from Lukla we have spent 4 days visiting Kathmandu area.

A special shout-out:

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