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There is no better way to spend a perfect summer's evening than at one of English Heritage Picnic Concerts. Gather a group of friends and family and enjoy the world class music, relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking setting of Audley End or Kenwood House.
Don't you just love the summer? Warm nights in the garden, days at the beach, holidays in the sun, having friends round for a barbecue, driving the car with all the windows open (or the top down, if you're lucky!) and just living your life at a slightly more relaxed pace.
Zmywak is a magazine with personality, which not only describes the mundane reality around us, but also presents it in its own subjective and colourful way. It was important to us that, without foregoing the essential informational function, we encourage our readers to discover something more than merely their daily way to work or their local pub’s offer.
In Milan, the 'aperitivo' moment belongs to Campari. Its delicious bittersweet flavours are the perfect way to stimulate an appetite for dinner and Milan's best bars set aside the early part of the evening for a delightful combination of Campari and an assortment of tempting savoury snacks.
Every Nissan vehicle is a result of a passionate mindset, yet with a practical side that reflects the times. Which means driving enjoyment rooted in the highest standard of engineering and quality. And fresh, modern design matched by manufacturing excellence.
Emigracja nie całkiem poważnie.
Emigracja nie całkiem poważnie.
Emigracja nie całkiem poważnie.