Wedged between the high Himalaya and the steamy Indian plains, Nepal is a land of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras.
If, like me, you get your highs from pristine mountain views and the sense of perspective that a Himalayan journey offers, then you are going to like Nepal. But if, also like me, you've always secretly wished that your mountain wilderness came with a warm slice of apple pie instead of a soggy tent, then you will simply love this place. My favourite thing about Nepal? There's always another adventure. Done Annapurna? Try the Gokyo Valley. Done Gokyo? Try a 6000m trekking peak. It's adventure heaven, with an espresso on the side.
Bradley Mayhew

Nepal holidays

It was one of the most difficult holidays to go on. Not because of amount or complexity of planning involved. Not even because of required fitness level and getting physically ready for it. No, none of that.

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Nepal / Apr 2018
Who's a bestest boi?
Nepal / Apr 2018
What worked and what didn't, what caught us by surprise and what we would try to prepare for the next time round.
Nepal / Apr 2018
Many Nepalis still use the old name of Bhadgaon or the Newari name Khwopa, which means City of Devotees. The name fits – Bhaktapur has not one but three major squares full of towering temples that comprise some of the finest religious architecture in the entire country.
Nepal / Apr 2018
Once a fiercely independent city-state, Patan is now almost a suburb of Kathmandu, separated only by the murky Bagmati River. Many locals still call the city by its original Sanskrit name of Lalitpur (City of Beauty).
Nepal / Apr 2018
Stepping off a plane into Kathmandu is a pupil-dilating experience, a riot of sights, sounds and smells that can quickly lead to sensory overload.