Hi, I'm Maciej.

senior laravel symfony drupal* developer

Enthusiastic and highly motivated professional with insatiable hunger for continuous self-development.
20+ years
Over 20 years of multinational development experience: agency and client-side, agile and waterfall, scrum and kanban.
70+ projects
Specialising in Symfony, previously in Drupal (with focus on Drupal Commerce). Backend only. No HTML. No CSS. Preferrably no JS.
1.1k+ commits
Official Symfony contributor. Past developer and maintainer of multiple Drupal modules and other non-Drupal projects. Gitflow believer.
1.6k+ contributions
Professional focus on clean, well-documented, maintainable and testable code and enforcing standards and best practices. SOLID & DDD.
1k+ posts
Striving community supporter in drupal.org issue queues and documentation, Drupal Answers and Stack Overflow. Erratic blogger.
3 countries
Made in Poland, improved in the UK, exported to France. Based in Paris, looking at Côte d'Azur / Alpes-Maritimes / Antibes area.
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Lazy athlete

Avid road cyclist, ambitious trail runner, occasional triathlete.
Keen mountaineer and trekker, wannabe alpinist, fledgling scuba diver.
Always hungry for next challenge.

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Aspiring traveller

Always hungry for next big or small adventure.

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