It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

Back in 2012 I got talked into running a charity 10k by a friend at work, and - not having run for the previous 20 years - started "training" a month before... and somehow caught the bug.

Now, after completing several marathons, and slacking through several long no-run periods (due to either injuries or just sheer laziness), besides trying to get better PBs in the races to come, I entertain an idea of doing ultra trails - as I definitely like trails much more compared to that dull road pounding.

recent running adventures

running / Jun 2022
Le plus grand 10 km de France, au cœur de Paris.
running / Mar 2022
Run like a king.
running / Aug 2021
New silly challenge idea for 2021.
running / Feb 2021
6th trail run in an attempt to kick-off my training for Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc took me to a hospital instead.
running / Jul 2020
The notorious Eiger stands at 3970m above Grindelwald and has been enthralling visitors to the valley for decades.