Linux / Nov 2014
Ever had to work with not properly formatted XML file? Like, where all its elements were just stacked in one single line? It doesn't make any real difference to XML reading libraries, but trying to read such XML yourself becomes huge pain. As it turns out, solution to this is pretty simple.
Linux / Mar 2014
Convincing Gnome2 plugins to work with Pluma seems to be pretty straightforward.
Linux / Mar 2014
This is a development release of the Class Browser plugin for pluma.
Linux / Mar 2014
The plugin is intended to be used by those who uses pluma as a source code editor. It spares you reopening the documents that were loaded last time you closed pluma.
Linux / Mar 2014
Switch between document tabs using Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab (in most recently used order) and Ctrl+PageUp / Ctrl+PageDown (in tabbar order).
Drupal 7 / Feb 2014
A script to build a Drupal site from make files with all the custom code.
Linux / Aug 2012
Although Drupals 7+ run smoothly on PHP 5.3, Drupal 6 still feels much better with PHP 5.2.
Linux / Aug 2010
bash profile dot files