Oh hai !!

A pupper of Interview of Chelsea Garden and Gold and Charm des Jardins d'Epona. My official name is Moonlight Rocco du Fond de la Noye, but friends call me Rocco. I am a very good boy !!

recent Rocco adventures

France / Sep 2021
What was supposed to be a surfing holiday, turned into fest of eating and drinking, and lots of fun with Rocco.
France / May 2021
Enough of that Covid craziness - the time has finally come to go on proper holidays again.
France / Sep 2020
What was planned to be a cycling holiday, ended up with a lot of surfing instead.
Rocco / Jul 2019
My hoomans took me for holidays to Chamonix. They said it will be great!
France / May 2019
No rest for the wicked! These holidays were like a small training camp: daily cycling, running or swimming, both for me and the Beast. Only our "coach" seemed to take it easy and appeared pretty relaxed.