Day 4: Namche Bazaar to Tengboche

Distance: 9.5 km
Time: 4 hours
Night: Trekker's Lodge, Tengboche

Start elevation (Namche Bazaar): 3,429 m
Max elevation (Tengboche): 3,861 m
End elevation (Tengboche): 3,861 m
Total ascent / descent: 954 m / 522 m
Elevation gain: 432 m

Racing yaks.

And winning. So happy.

Road toll on the way to Tengboche.

So where is my red carpet?

Why are we going down if we're supposed to go up?

Fire the architect!

Subindra "hiding" from us on his smoke break.

An Everest marathoner. But we don't know it yet.

Crossing Dudh Koshi - the reason for all that descending. Now we just need to go back up.


Tengboche is rather small, with just few lodges. Considering it serves as standard night stop after Namche Bazaar on the main EBC route, during busier months it might be difficult to find a quality(ish) sleeping place here.

All of Tengboche (besides the monastery).

When we got here it just started to rain. Cold, cloudy, wet, gloomy and miserable, and - obviously - no places available.

Ok, we found something in the bakery, but it was a room in external building, with exit directly outside, and closest toilet available on the other side of the main bakery building. Thanks, but no thanks. (Remember that "cold, cloudy, wet, gloomy and miserable"?)

Fortunately the guidebook (or was it the map?) suggested one more lodge here - Trekker's Lodge - well hidden behind the monastery.

Not-so-best-kept secret.

And it had a room! Well, not so much of a room as rather 2 mattresses jammed underneath the stairs enclosed with plywood - but it was warm and dry there, with toilet just around the corner, and kitchen 10 steps away. Heaven!

King size bed. Nothing but.

The common room is small and cosy too.

Tengboche Monastery

The rain finally decides to abate, and sun comes out. Just in time for few quick pictures before the afternoon prayers.

Route map