trail running

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.

Did I mention that I don't like running? Running in the city is especially horrible, what with all the hard surfaces, cars, fumes, traffic lights, people and so on...

Trail running on the other hand is pretty fun - getting out in the nature, away from civilisation, disconnecting from your daily life, letting go of your mind and focusing on what is going on inside and around you, zen-like sensory meditation... now that I do like!

recent trail running adventures

running / Mar 2019
Run like a king.
running / Sep 2013
They say, marathon running is boring. They say, triathlons and other lame-ass races are more stressful than fun. They say, road-running may give you a healthy set of lungs, but will leave you with as much upper body strength as Keira Knightley.
running / Jul 2012
Third 10k was a trail run in Muguet forest. No racing this time, just a relaxing jog in beautiful woods!

trail running in planning

running / May 2019
A running trail in a Mediterranean environment.
running / Jun 2019
If you’re a fan of trail running then the Marathon du Mont Blanc is the ultimate challenge. Covering 42kms and climbing over 2,000 metres, this high-altitude race is for the super-fit.