Day 13: Night at Everest Base Camp

Home away from home - this is where we will be spending the night.

The mess tent is social heart of our camp - this is where everybody spends most of their time when not climbing or sleeping.

Still alone in the mess tent, warming up with hot lemon and ginger tea, before other (real) climbers start to arrive.

A high altitude dog met while exploring the Base Camp, didn't seem to be bothered by AMS in the least. We wondered if he goes up the Icefall for walkies?

So happy to finally be here! – with infamous Icefall dominating the background.

Everest Base Camp as seen from the high camp.

This is where the Icefall starts, and the real adventure begins.

Climbers and their support teams getting ready for the Puja ceremony. Only after receiving a blessing from a local lama they can start climbing the Everest.

Obligatory photo at the entrance to the Base Camp, where most of the trekkers end their Everest Base Camp adventure and turn back.

Interactive panorama