Day 20: Dole to Namche Bazaar

Distance: 11.5 km
Time: 5 hours
Night: Khumbu Lodge, Namche Bazaar

Start elevation (Dole): 4,043 m
Max elevation (at 0.2 km): 4,049 m
End elevation (Namche Bazaar): 3,428 m
Total ascent / descent: 565 m / 1180 m
Elevation loss: 615 m

Green again! Trees! Flowers!

I've forgotten green exists.

Cool yaks.

Usual traffic.

Super tired, but almost back to the civilization now.

Back in our Khumbu Lodge in Namche Bazaar.
Also, back to low altitudes, which means beers and sizzling yak steaks.

Ron Swanson would approve.

Route map