High altitude walkies

My hoomans took me for holidays to Chamonix. They said it will be great!

There was a river there, but they did not allow me to swim in it. They said it's too rough, and I could drown in it. Me! Such a good swimmer!!

Then we went to a big green lawn, with lots of strange people on it, everybody so excited! I wonder what was going on there?

Next day more of those strange hoomans were waiting in the town for what seemed like a big walkie, which sounded very exciting! Unfortunately I was not allowed on it, again!

Instead, we took a cable car with my mom (first time in my life!) to a nearby sooper high mountain - 2,000 metres! I heard I could get AMS at such altitide, but I did not, that's what a good boy I am!

It was very sunny and hot, and I had to hide in a shade (of someone else's sandwich jambon) for a bit of rest.

It did not take long though, as I found another yummy sandwich, which I ate whole! Even the tomato!

And then, and then, and then! We found snow!

Oh, happy days!

Then, suddenly, my dad appeared, and we were all together again!

We admired the views for a little longer.

Then it was time to get back down for my supper. We took the cable car again, and this time I was not afraid anymore!

Few days later my hoomans took me for another trip, this time to the land of violet cows and cheese.

Again at 2,000 metres, I admired views of Mont-Blanc - even my hoomans have not been there before!

I found a really big doggo, and I was not afraid! At all!

Then we found more snow to play on.

And finally, oh boy, and finally! We went down to a lake for a swim!

It was all very exciting! And very tiring - so much, that my hoomans even gave me a bit of their yummy food!

What a life, I tell you, what a life!