Rambouillet Forest Overnighter

From the hustle and bustle of Paris to the wildlife haven of the Rambouillet Forest, this overnight route follows quiet roads and gravel paths from the southwestern edge of the French capital.

My first dive into bikepacking, inspired by Bikepacking.com idea of Rambouillet Forest overnighter, a 138 km 2 day easy off-road-ish loop to Huttopia Rambouillet camping.

Day 1

Riding through fields...

...and forests.

First iteration of my bikepacking rig:

Minimalistic night at the Rambouillet camping:

After slightly rainy night and getting wet and not very comfortable (and being bitten everywhere by some nasty local mosquitoes) I quickly ditched the idea of bivvy bag and got a proper tent instead.

Day 2

Day 2 started with a visit to Château de Rambouillet:

followed by more muddy forests and fields.

Including wild boar family (with ~15 piglets!), rabbits and partridges escaping from under my wheels, either too far or too fast to have their proper picture taken.

Some single track thrown into the mix.

Obligatory 2nd day rig profile picture:

And, oh, a nasty thick rod in the middle of the forest, that got into the drivetrain, broken the hanger, twisted the chain and bent the derailleur.

Fortunately managed to fix most of that and continue back home.