Sprained ankle rehabilitation exercises

Instead of training for approaching races, here is how my exercising regime looks right now instead. Spoiler: it's heartbreakingly sad.

I should be tapering right now before this weekend Ecotrail 45.

Instead I have just been for my first kine visit to start official rehabilitation of my sprained ankle, and was told to keep it easy for another 5 days, as the ankle is still swolen.

So I still continue doing all below, just less reps/shorter/easier.

Flexibility / Range of motion

Ankle alphabet

Upper and lowercase. Handwriting!

Toe circles

10 times clockwise, 10 times anticlockwise. 3 sets.

Towel calf stretch

Straight back!
30 sec x 3 sets.

Standing calf stretch

Injured leg behind, knee straight.
30 sec x 3 sets

Soleus stretch

Injured leg behind, knee bent.
30 sec x 3 sets.

Knee motion

Move your knee from side to side while keeping your foot flat on the floor.
2 to 3 min.

Dorsiflexion stretch on step

Injured leg on a step, gently rock forward.
30 times.


Ankle 4 ways - non-weight bearing

Hold each 15 seconds x 3 sets.

Ankle 4 ways - resisted (with elastic band)

Hold each 2 seconds x 10 times x 3 sets.

Ankle 4 ways - isometric

Like "resisted (with elastic band)" above, but against an immovable object.
10 times x 3 sets.

Toe / heel rises

10 reps each x 3 sets.

Toe / heel walking

30 seconds each, build up to one minute each for 5 to 10 minutes total.

Towel curls

Pull small towel with your toes.
10 pulls x 3 sets.


Single leg stance

  • with eyes open (arms wide / folded)
  • with eyes closed
  • on pillow with eyes open
  • on pillow with eyes closed

30 sec x 3 sets.