Marathon de Paris: DNS

Another in the series of did-not-start races. Hopefully the last one.

It was the third DNS (Did Not Start) race I was registered for, after Ecotrail Paris and Soli'run - all because of a sprained ankle earlier in February.

This time I was seriously considering starting in it anyway, even if I had to walk most of it - which would most probably be the case. I was thinking of jogging the first 5 km, and then walking the rest, which in theory should be quite doable, even with my misbehaving ankle/Achilles tendon. But then again, 42 km is still quite a long distance, even to walk, and doing it in Paris, where I am on a daily basis, probably wouldn't be super interesting, or motivating.

Well, at least that was the sanity and common sense talking. Oh, and my wife on Sunday morning too. They all were right though, I have to admit, however painful such admission is.

But the day before, on Saturday morning, I was still full of hopes and very much looking forward to the next day race.

The route looked quote good:

Lots of touristy attractions on the way, which you don't normally visit when living in the city, but seeing them all again while running a marathon doesn't sound that bad at all:

So I ended up going to Salon du Running at Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles to collect my bib.

Bib collection booths.

Some of the tomorrow's marathoners already look pretty tired...

...or sick, probably after having seen this year medal. Ugly af!

My bib next to my name on the all-the-runners wall.

Apparently there were 60,000 runners registered.

A carbon-neutral marathon.

Teaching people how to properly collect and recycle water bottles.

Green Runners, the community for a more sustainable future & livable cities.

An interactive hi-tech motivation wall.

Tron-esque Asics promo corridor.

Here's where the shopping part starts.

Postural ball exercises.

Mini Eiffel Tower with sakura underneath.

On-Running photo spot.

French take on Nike.

Mini museum of recent running innovations.

Educational talks.

My favorite spot in the whole expo - Marathon du Medoc booth (probably because they were, as usual, serving their local wine).

All the trash I got back with. There is my bib hidden somewhere underneath it all.

Still full of hopes, getting ready for tomorrow.

"Tomorrow" however I was sober again, and more susceptible to reasonable arguments concerning my still not 100% ok ankle, and even less ok Achilles tendon, which combined with a grim picture of being able to do either Paris or Mont Blanc marathon (but most probably not both) made me reconsider my yesterday's bacchanalian choices and turn on the TV and stay at home instead.

Ended up watching the pro race (and cheering for France’s Clémence Calvin to make it to the podium - she was so close!), followed by spectacular as always Paris-Roubaix.

In the end I did not really regret not running it (or more like walking it) that much, otherwise - if I ever was to finish it after all - besides the horrible medal I would also be given this abomination:

Green and red are colors that pair together well on Christmas only.

Thanks, but no thanks.