Cyclocross de Clamart

My first cyclocross race ever.

After several tries before, I got finally talked by a PCB friend into participating in a cyclocross race this weekend.

And what fun it was!

Enough mud - after several days of rain before - to make it interesting, but with a perfect sunny weather in the morning, when my D2 category was racing.

I was completely not prepared for what it had to offer, both physically and technically.

There was the sandpit to ride through.

There was the bridge to ride over.

There were the barriers to jump over.

And lots of other attractions.

Thanks to which I have finally tried and learned the flying dismount.

All on Schwalbe Allround gravel tires, which are great on gravel and on the road, but with almost no grip in the mud - and almost completely flat-soled shoes, without any spikes - all of which made me slide in all possible directions except the one I was supposed to go.

Didn't matter at all. Had lots of fun in spite of all of that.

This is how lots of fun looks like.

My bike less so, being all dirty and squeaky at the end.

Never mind at all. I know I will be back at it soon!

Super-happy finisher.