This is a follow-up on Translating a Commerce Store guide available in Commerce Kickstart 2 documentation.
An extension module to 2.x version of Search API Entity Translation.
Integrates Commerce Kickstart 2's Commerce Search API module with Entity Translation.
By default Drupal gets installed with only one default language - English - and all additional languages need to be added afterwards, followed by downloading and importing all relevant interface translations. But why not to make our multilingual lives just a little bit easier?
Working recently on a client's project it turned out that there is no good way of indexing Entity Translation-based multilingual content in solr using Search API in combination with Search API Solr search.
An extension module to 2.x version of Search API Entity Translation module.
Fork of drunken monkey's Search API Entity Translation v2 sandbox module, taking it further and adding missing features.
This project is targeting, its purpose is to generate translations similarity reports. It's supposed to help maintainers ease translators' life by providing them the list of strings that are similar (or sound similar).