Commerce Ingenico

Module provides Ingenico ePayments (aka Ogone) integration for the Drupal Commerce framework.

Module provides Ingenico ePayments (aka Ogone) integration for the Drupal Commerce framework.


  • Module provides 2 payment gateways:

    • Ingenico DirectLink (on-site) - allows customers to enter their payment details directly on the merchant page without being redirected off-site,
    • Ingenico e-Commerce (off-site) - hosted payment method that redirects customers off-site and returns them to the merchant page after a successful payment is made.
  • Both payment gateways support Authorize and capture and Authorize only transaction modes, as selected on Commerce's Checkout flow configuration page. The Authorize only transaction mode allows merchants to capture a transaction at a later time, which can be useful for avoiding refunds.

  • Both gateways support 3-D Secure credit card authentication when available.

    e-Commerce does the authentication by default, without any additional configuration required (if only the credit card being used supports it), while in case of DirectLink 3-D Secure needs to be enabled first on the payment gateway configuration page.

    Note that to use 3-D Secure authentication with DirectLink, the e-Commerce payment gateway needs to be defined as well, as when using 3-D Secure the payments initiated in DirectLink mode will end in e-Commerce mode.

  • Both payment gateways support the following maintenance operations:

    • authorization capture,
    • authorization void,
    • authorization renewal,
    • captured payment refund.
  • DirectLink gateway supports Ingenico's Alias Gateway, which allows reusing credit cards for future payments without re-entering their details each time.

    No sensitive credit card information is stored locally - instead only the credit card alias generated by the Alias Gateway after the first payment is stored and used for all future payments.

    Currently it is not possible to create and use credit card aliases with e-Commerce gateway, as it is not supported by Drupal Commerce yet. See relevant d.o. issue Allow offsite payment gateways to create and use payment methods for more information.

  • e-Commerce gateway provides multilingual support, with any off-site pages (including 3-D Secure) being rendered in the language selected by the merchant in the gateway configuration.

Known issues

  • It is not yet possible to create and use credit card aliases with off-site e-Commerce gateway, as it is not supported by Drupal Commerce yet. See relevant d.o. issue Allow offsite payment gateways to create and use payment methods for more information.

  • When adding a new payment for orders created from the admin UI using a credit card that supports 3-D Secure, the return from the 3-D Secure pages fails. There is a pull request waiting to be merged into Drupal Commerce that will fix the issue.