Canoeing through Ardeche rapids

Les Gorges de l'Ardèche are too beautiful to go there just for one short 10k trail. If there is an option to combine such trail with canoeing down 32 km length of the river, you just have to take it!

So obviously we took it.

Starting from the Pont d'Arc, majestic natural arch 60 meters high, Ardeche engages in deep gorges lined with cliffs up to 300 meters in height and shape of the meanders interspersed with numerous rapids.

Yeah, rapids.

They say these trips (...) do not present great difficulties, simply knowing how to swim...

Well, this exact skill turned out to be pretty useful when we capsized on the very last one of those rapids (still, most of our group experienced this on much earlier stages), and got quite wet, cold and miserable for a while, as it was actually raining in this exact moment and the sun did hide its warming rays. Fortunately, it was back soon thereafter and the rest of the raft was quite a pleasurable experience again.

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