Don't Drink Poison by Carissa Rose Stevens
Ever got an invitation to one of those "fancy" Microsoft Office Live Meetings, only to end up scratching your head how the heck could you access it from your Mac? Especially if you were running Mavericks?

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Mexican Marketplace by Anne Gifford
This tutorial will guide you through all the steps required to replicate the Commerce Marketplace demo site on your own server, and then explain how its behaviour differs depending on various configuration settings.
Money painting by Steve Mills,
The biggest step forward since From Commerce Store to Commerce Marketplace, my previous blog post in the Commerce Marketplace series, was added initial support for parallel payments.
pluma-y-tinta-para-escribir from viHotelBlog
I have recently reinstalled my desktop Linux, switching at the same time from Ubuntu I have been using since version 9.something (as far as I can remember) to
By default Drupal gets installed with only one default language - English - and all additional languages need to be added afterwards, followed by downloading and importing all relevant interface translations. But why not to make our multilingual lives just a little bit easier?
The module I have been working on recently, known before as Commerce Store, has just gone through a major facelift. Now called Commerce Marketplace, for the first time it covers full checkout process, allowing a customer to complete their marketplace experience.

Recent commits

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Added configuration options.
views_pager_countbf5073217 Apr
Added uninstall hook.
views_pager_counte13ae1517 Apr
Initial 7.x-1.x version.
views_pager_countc39fec617 Apr
Initial commit.
commerce_marketplace4b5ea8e17 Apr
Made Store field required and provided default value for users without Administer products...
commerce_marketplace891828717 Apr
Renamed store form Revision information tab to make it less scary.

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