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No need to go to Africa or Asia for a great safari experience - just 50 km west of Paris is completely enough.

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The Tower of Babel By Pieter Brueghel
Step-by-step guide to translating a Commerce Kickstart 2-based store, including multilingual products and search.
Don't Drink Poison by Carissa Rose Stevens
Ever got an invitation to one of those "fancy" Microsoft Office Live Meetings, only to end up scratching your head how the heck could you access it from your Mac? Especially if you were running Mavericks?
Mexican Marketplace by Anne Gifford
This tutorial will guide you through all the steps required to replicate the Commerce Marketplace demo site on your own server, and then explain how its behaviour differs depending on various configuration settings.
Money painting by Steve Mills,
The biggest step forward since From Commerce Store to Commerce Marketplace, my previous blog post in the Commerce Marketplace series, was added initial support for parallel payments.
pluma-y-tinta-para-escribir from viHotelBlog
I have recently reinstalled my desktop Linux, switching at the same time from Ubuntu I have been using since version 9.something (as far as I can remember) to

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Added support for video_embed_field
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Issue #2356577: Highlight processor leads to a notice in datasource_entity loadItems function
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Issue #2336975 by oadaeh: Specifying which types to send messages for
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