Island Peak summit
I am planning to climb Island Peak in Nepal during our 3 passes trek in April 2018, and looking for potential partner(s) to cut the agency/guide costs down.

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Adding support for LEFT JOINs and IS NULL conditions to Drupal's EntityFieldQuery has been asked for in d.o. issue queues and discussed over and over again. Although in Drupal 8 EntityFieldQuery has been rewritten, and now supports exists() and notExists() conditions, implementing it in Drupal 7 is still slightly hack-ish. Doing it in dynamic, parametrisable way however seems to be something new entirely.
If you happen to have Commerce Stock module enabled, while at the same time you have removed Commerce Line Item: Delete button field from your Shopping cart form view, you most probably faced (or are still facing) some PHP warning and notices when using any of the shopping cart buttons.
Akeneo is an open source Product Information Management (PIM) system designed for retailers looking for efficient answers to their multichannel needs. is a groundbreaking hosting and development tool for web applications. It extends a branch-merge workflow to infrastructure so that every branch can be tested as if it were in production, and scales for the largest sites.
The Tower of Babel By Pieter Brueghel
Step-by-step guide to translating a Commerce Kickstart 2-based store, including multilingual products and search.
Don't Drink Poison by Carissa Rose Stevens
Ever got an invitation to one of those "fancy" Microsoft Office Live Meetings, only to end up scratching your head how the heck could you access it from your Mac? Especially if you were running Mavericks?

Recent commits

pathauto_entityc9a6bdc22 May
Issue #2705755: Conflict with file_entity by using hook_path_alias_types
pathauto_entityc293e6920 May
Issue #2634978 by 7thkey: While deleting, ensure the entity has an URI
facebook_pixel0bc8bdf20 May
Issue #2730359 by heshanlk: Provide an API to alter data for the user, node and order actions
facebook_pixel748c0fc20 May
Issue #2632522 by AdamGerthel: Ability to control Pixel visibility based on user role
facebook_pixeld2ed26820 May
Issue #2698207 by hargobind: Configuration to turn of FB pixel on admin pages
pathauto_entity5519dfd20 May
Issue #2722475 by sanchiz: Missing entity module dependency

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