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Island Peak summit
Looking for partner(s) for Island Peak climb 2 Mar '18

I am planning to climb Island Peak in Nepal during our 3 passes trek in April 2018, and looking for potential partner(s) to cut the agency/guide costs down.

Hiking Mallorca 23 Oct '14

Mallorca: not only hot sun, warm sea, white-sand beaches, palm trees and sweaty German tourists.

First half ironman 20 Oct '14

Proud finisher of Challenge Paguera-Mallorca - first half ironman done and ticked off the bucket list!

La Gentleman de Coeur 28 Sep '14

8km/5 lap charity time trial event around Hippodrome de Longchamp in teams of two.

Triath'Nature Berck 21 Sep '14

Visited Berck for an off-road Triath'Nature sprint triathlon. It was one tough race!

ExpaTRIes Triathlon Club soon to be heavy-drinking
Drunken Marathon 15 Sep '14

42 km and 37 glasses of wine. The original plan of having one glass of wine for each kilometer unfortunately failed this time, but... there always is next year!

Montagne en Scène poster
Itchy feet... again 2 Apr '14

Last Monday and Tuesday brought the Montagne en Scène festival to my nearby Le Grand Rex cinema.

Sad bike 27 Mar '14

Had a crash with a car last Sunday, and ended up flying over its bonnet with my bike.

Chateau de Chantilly, Castle Triathlon Series
Chantilly Olympic Triathlon 5 Feb '14

French leg of the Castle Triathlon Series in the spectacular and historic town of Chantilly, 40 miles North of Paris in the Picardie region.

Enghien Super Sprint 5 Feb '14

Une bonne façon de découvrir le Triathlon entre amis, collègues ou en famille. Réunissez un nageur, un cycliste et un coureur, pour défendre vos couleurs !


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