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Been there, done that.
Berlin Marathon 2014 16 Dec '13

The Berlin marathon is one of the largest and most popular road races in the world. In 2008 alone the race had 40,827 enrolled starters from 107 countries, 35,913 official finishers and more than one million spectators.

Marathon du Médoc 2014 16 Dec '13

Few marathons are in a class of their own. Le Marathon des Chateaux du Medoc is one. Routed through 59 vineyards in the fabled villages of the Medoc region, this event appeals to the true connoisseur of fine runs.

l'Étape du Tour 2014 15 Dec '13

L'Etape du Tour, established in 1993 to allow amateur cyclists to test their legs on the route of one of the mountain stages in the Tour de France, has become the reference race for cyclosportive riders from all over the world.

Paris-Roubaix Challenge 15 Dec '13

Recreational cyclists will get a unique opportunity to discover the course of the Queen of Classics, Paris-Roubaix. The course will include the same cobble stone sections that the pros will encounter the day after.

L'Ardéchoise 2014 15 Dec '13

The ARDECHE is a department of the Massif Central, situated on the west bank of the River Rhône. It is a particularly varied region, making it a delight to discover by bike. Each turn in the road reveals a new and exciting view.

Trail des Gorges de l'Ardèche 2014 15 Dec '13

Du bord de l’Ardèche, les coureurs s’élancent vers les gorges, parcourent les bois et la garrigue en surplombant ou longeant les méandres encaissés de l'Ardèche, à vallons et contre-vallons, vers Aiguèze la médiévale, d’une chapelle du XIème à un dolmen , le long d’ermes ou à travers les clapas e

Marathon de Paris 15 Dec '13

The Schneider Electric Paris Marathon is today one of the five biggest in the world (along with New-York, London, Berlin and Chicago), not only in terms of the field present, but also by the performances accomplished, the services and logistics put in place and the media coverage.

Corrida de Noel 13 Dec '13

1,5km enfants / 3km enfants / 6km / 10km déguisés ou 10km plat à label International : Orchestres, coureurs déguisés, maquillage, garderie pour les enfants, échauffement en musique, chocolat chaud, vin chaud, médailles, tee-shirts…

Paris-Roubaix Challenge
Hell of the North 2014 2 Dec '13

Just registered for the Hell of the North (also known as the Paris-Roubaix Challenge). Brains will be shaken out, crashes will be experienced, limbs will be severed, all in miserable weather.

Marathon des Alpes Maritimes Nice-Cannes
Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes 12 Nov '13

42 km of running on the sunny Côte d'Azur following the coastline from Nice to Cannes - done!


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