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Paulset outdoor marketplace
Commerce Store brings in first marketplace implementation to Drupal Commerce 22 Mar '13

First public version of Commerce Store module, born from d.o. issue #990204: The path to Marketplace functionality.

Package of 4 modules available under Commerce Marketplace package in module listing, containing:

The Darwin Panels
Drupal Commerce with Panels? 23 Feb '13

In his Youtube channel Joe Canti has shared few interesting videos presenting a quick overview of Flo and Us, a site built with Drupal 7, using Drupal Commerce for the shop and Panels/Panels Everywhere to theme the site.

DrupalCamp Wrocław 23 Feb '13

Drupal Camp Wrocław 2013 to konferencja organizowana dla społeczności CMS Drupal oraz osób zainteresowanych tym oprogramowaniem. Konferencja odbędzie się w dniach 13-14 kwietnia 2013.

End of Facebook illustration, http://www.fastcompany.com/1670582/study-omg-facebooks-ending-tomorrow-what-do-you-do
Decoupling Drupal and Facebook logins 9 Aug '12

While Drupal for Facebook module seems to be the best and most flexible option out there for integrating Facebook with your Drupal website, one thing about it that ticks me off is its forced single sign-on approach between Facebook and Drupal.

Elephant Love by Heather Torres, http://heathertorresart.blogspot.fr/
How to install PHP 5.3 and 5.2 together on Ubuntu 12.04 3 Aug '12

Although Drupal 7+ runs smoothly on PHP 5.3, Drupal 6 still feels much better with PHP 5.2. Therefore developing for both D7 and D6 at the same time becomes much less painful when running both versions of PHP in parallel. How this can be achieved on Ubuntu 12.04?

How to easily trim text to a certain length 9 Jul '12

If you have Views' module installed, you can use its views_trim_text() function to programmatically trim field value (or any other text for that matter) to a specified length from your code.

Drupal Answers top user swag package 3 Jul '12

Got an email from Drupal Answers thanking me for being awesome and helping people out. Nice touch!

Ojingogo RSS Icons, by Matt Forsythe
Views RSS: feed generation updated! 17 Apr '12

Following on the announcement from my previous post on this topic (Views RSS: Change to preprocess variables?) there have been some heavy changes just pushed to

Ojingogo RSS Icons, by Matt Forsythe
Views RSS: Change to preprocess variables? 11 Apr '12

If you haven't yet played with Views RSS module's preprocess functions (2.x versions only) this entry does not concern you.

Ojingogo RSS Icons, by Matt Forsythe
Views RSS: D7-style formatters in D6 10 Apr '12

New 6.x-2.x-dev version of Views RSS module has just been pushed to d.o.


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