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EntityFieldQuery, LEFT JOINs and IS NULL conditions 23 Feb '15

Adding support for LEFT JOINs and IS NULL conditions to Drupal's EntityFieldQuery has been asked for in d.o. issue queues and discussed over and over again. Although in Drupal 8 EntityFieldQuery has been rewritten, and now supports exists() and notExists() conditions, implementing it in Drupal 7 is still slightly hack-ish. Doing it in dynamic, parametrisable way however seems to be something new entirely.

Mexican Marketplace by Anne Gifford
Commerce Marketplace: Installation and use cases 4 Apr '14

This tutorial will guide you through all the steps required to replicate the Commerce Marketplace demo site on your own server, and then explain how its behaviour differs depending on various configuration settings.

Money painting by Steve Mills, http://stevemillsart.com/
Commerce Marketplace payments 2 Apr '14

The biggest step forward since From Commerce Store to Commerce Marketplace, my previous blog post in the Commerce Marketplace series, was added initial support for parallel payments.

Drupal installation profile with multiple languages 31 Jan '14

By default Drupal gets installed with only one default language - English - and all additional languages need to be added afterwards, followed by downloading and importing all relevant interface translations. But why not to make our multilingual lives just a little bit easier?

From Commerce Store to Commerce Marketplace 18 Dec '13

The module I have been working on recently, known before as Commerce Store, has just gone through a major facelift. Now called Commerce Marketplace, for the first time it covers full checkout process, allowing a customer to complete their marketplace experience.

Lost in translation
Multilingual Search API with Entity Translation 17 Aug '13

Working recently on a client's project it turned out that there is no good way of indexing Entity Translation-based multilingual content in solr using Search API in combination with Search API Solr search.

Paulset outdoor marketplace
Commerce Store brings in first marketplace implementation to Drupal Commerce 22 Mar '13

First public version of Commerce Store module, born from d.o. issue #990204: The path to Marketplace functionality.

Package of 4 modules available under Commerce Marketplace package in module listing, containing:

The Darwin Panels
Drupal Commerce with Panels? 23 Feb '13

In his Youtube channel Joe Canti has shared few interesting videos presenting a quick overview of Flo and Us, a site built with Drupal 7, using Drupal Commerce for the shop and Panels/Panels Everywhere to theme the site.

How to easily trim text to a certain length 9 Jul '12

If you have Views' module installed, you can use its views_trim_text() function to programmatically trim field value (or any other text for that matter) to a specified length from your code.

Ojingogo RSS Icons, by Matt Forsythe
Views RSS: feed generation updated! 17 Apr '12

Following on the announcement from my previous post on this topic (Views RSS: Change to preprocess variables?) there have been some heavy changes just pushed to


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