Sad bike

So, apparently, I'm a survivor!

Had a crash with a car last Sunday, and ended up flying over its bonnet with my bike. Ouch!

Glad the hospital was just around the corner. Got a checkup, no serious injuries fortunately, just a few bruises here and there, the worst being right knee I must have had hit the car with. Pretty painful to walk with right now, but was told should be fine in a couple of weeks. So I guess I got pretty lucky after all!

Not so with my bike though - the frame packed it in, and needs a replacement. Sad panda bike.

Kudos to Canyon for their crash replacement service.

Still, I would prefer to have avoided it completely. Oh well.

Shame that this also means no Drupal Dev Days, no Marathon de Paris, and probably no Paris-Roubaix Challenge this year for me, all of which I was already registered for (although I'm still hoping I'll be able to do the last one, even if taking it very easy).

Fingers crossed!