Linux Mint Pluma plugins

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I have recently reinstalled my desktop Linux, switching at the same time from Ubuntu I have been using since version 9.something (as far as I can remember) to Mint 16 (with Mate - yes, I have been using Gnome before, and never really got to like its version 3).

Unfortunately, all plugins originally written for Gnome2 don't work with Pluma out of the box. Fortunately though, convincing them to work with Pluma is pretty straightforward.

And as I quite liked Gedit/like Pluma as a basic go-to editor for simple daily tasks, I decided to port some of the Gedit plugins I have been using, and share them with Mint community at GitHub.

What have been ported so far:

At one point I might even try to roll them into an installable package available through custom PPA...